Shopping Basket S.L.

Джоан Subirós и Антонио Subirós начали свое дело связанное с торговым оборудованием для продуктовых магазинов еще в 1965 году.

Сегодня, бренд Shopping Basket S.L. , с Антонио Subirós в качестве его председателя, производит покупательские корзины и тележки для супермаркетов и универмагов.

Корзина — это перво, что клиент видет при посещении магазина. Если корзина качественная, легко скользит и не производит шума, клиент будет чувствовать себя легко и у него сложится положительное впечатление от супермаркета.

Ключ к успеху нашей компании является стремление к совершенству. Мы постоянно проводим исследования в нашем конструкторском отделе для улучшения качества и инновации продукции.

Наш штат:

Команда дизайнеров и инженеров, способных создавать новые корзины каждый год.
Команда, работающая на фабрике в Руби (Барселона), позволяет нам постоянно повышать производительность труда.
Высоко профессиональная коммерческая и административная команды, которые считаются, настоящим и будущим компании.
Команда Shopping Basket S.L. и качество нашей продукции, порождают доверие среди клиентов, это позволило нам расширить присутствие в 27 странах. Таким образом, мы хотели бы поблагодарить наших клиентов и сотрудников за их поддержку. Все это стало возможным благодаря Вам.

Shopping Basket — производитель качественных пластиковых покупательских торговых корзин и тележек для супермаркетов, гипермаркетов и магазинов

Welcome to Shopping Basket!

Shopping Basket was created as the result of ongoing innovation to meet the retail sector’s store equipment needs. Our aim is to help our clients offer their customers the best shopping experience with a system based on the highest quality, latest technology and an eco-sustainable production process.

Therefore we manufacture a wide range of plastic carts and shopping baskets, with or without wheels, in our factory in Barcelona, in compliance with European Union quality standards.

Creativity and efficiency are the driving force behind our multidisciplinary team of professionals who develop the new shopping baskets from concept, design and manufacturing to product marketing and distribution.

Today we have a presence in over 50 countries, the result of our team’s efforts and the quality policy we implement throughout every step of the process. In addition, our work is given special meaning with the support of large clients and distributors who we consider part of the SB team.

Идея — Клиент — Процесс — Успех

Shopping bakets and carts manufacturer


Our team of designers and engineers develops new concepts to create competitive products based on innovation and cutting-edge technology.

European manufacturer of shopping baskets and carts


The entire manufacturing process is carried out in Spain, using the finest materials and cutting-edge automated machinery for reduced energy consumption.

Plastic shopping baskets export and distribution

Международное присутствие

An internal sales and distribution network ensures that our baskets find their way into superstores, supermarkets and non-food stores, building the trust of large chains in the retail sector.

Continuous technological innovation

True to our commitment to provide new solutions to offer the best shopping experience, at Shopping Basket we concentrate on investment in R&D, working on continuous innovation and adapting our products to market trends. Thanks to this, the products that SB has developed stand out for:

1.- Lightness, resistance and durability.

Manufactured with high quality polypropylene, our shopping baskets and carts are very light and highly resistant to the everyday activity of your store. Our wheels have a bearing-protection shield and also an anti-dust cover, which prevents the dust from getting into the wheel and block it. Furthermore, our handles are injected with nitrogen gas, which provides them with more flexibility. Consequently our products are highly durable and profitable.

silent, resistant, high technology wheels for shopping baskets image
comfortable shopping experience with shopping basket image

2.- Comfort and effortless push and pull.

The wheels used by Shopping Basket include double ball-bearing, making the basket glide with no effort, no matter the weight it contains. In addition, the handles of our baskets are designed so that they won’t drop to the floor once they have been extended, which will prevent the shopper from bending down.

3.- Silent wheels.

Our wheels are made of polyurethane, decreasing the noise in the store to less than 18 decibels.

4.- Care for details.

At Shopping Basket we take care of the smallest details, so that your store communicates the highest quality and makes shopping a pleasant experience.

manufacturer who cares for details in shopping baskets image

A company who cares for our environment

ISO-14001 eco friendly manufacturer of shopping baskets and carts for supermarkets and stores image

At Shopping Basket we are aware of the importance of caring about our environment. That is why we support environmentally friendly production based on machinery that uses the latest totally automated technology, reducing energy consumption and emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, all our baskets and carts are 100% recyclable.